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Your donation, in any amount, will ensure that School of the Arts mission of student success… academic, artistic and humanistic continues for generations to come. Friends of School of the Arts is an all-volunteer organization. Every dollar we raise goes toward supporting our students. On a very limited city school budget, our teachers know how to make every dollar go its furthest. And the Friends of SOTA help bridge the gap whenever possible.

Participation in the arts opens doors to opportunity – to the chance to learn, to be part of a group striving for shared goals, and to discover hidden talents and passions. Friends of School of the Arts believes strongly in the power of the arts to enrich the lives of young people, and is dedicated to providing Rochester City School District students at School of the Arts with resources and opportunities that enrich their learning experience and help pave the way to success.

School of the Arts is a Rochester City School District secondary school located in the heart of Rochester’s Cultural District. Students choose to attend SOTA because they have talent and ambition, and are willing to work hard to develop their abilities, academic and artistic. But their path is not without hurdles.

With over half of these students living in poverty, many don’t have the financial resources to fully participate in critical arts programs. That’s why in 1992, our non-profit organization, Friends of School of the Arts, was founded. Our mission for twenty-five years has been to make sure that financial need doesn’t derail their dreams. We help fill the financial gaps before they become roadblocks to success for our students.

Friends of SOTA support takes many forms:

  • Putting quality instruments into the hands of aspiring student musicians to enable optimal learning and performance opportunities for music students at all levels
  • Enhancing our students’ cultural exposure by underwriting ticket costs for professional theatrical, dance or musical performances
  • Funding clinics and master classes with artists, actors, singers and other top professionals to inspire our students to reach higher, to go further
  • Helping students attend national and international competitions
  • Funding field trips and intensive field studies to enrich both scientific and artistic discovery
  • Meeting individual student needs, such as helping a dance student buy tap shoes, point shoes and ballet slippers
  • Providing college scholarships to graduating seniors

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