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Welcome to Friends of School of the Arts

A group of passionate not-for-profit Board members, called Friends of School of the Arts, focus their energies on responding to student needs at School of the Arts. The majority of these 1200 students are able to more fully participate in their arts education programs with financial support from Friends.

Friends is a charitable, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that supports the school’s mission by providing financial support and guidance to promote the academic, artistic and humanistic success of School of the Arts’ students. Friends of School of the Arts fills in the gaps with community support to promote positive outcomes for School of the Arts students by supporting everything from college and career prep, to student performances and master classes, to scholarships and personal needs.

Fundraising events and grants are the primary source of funding. Friends invites our students, families and the broader community to learn more about its work. Please consider making a donation and join Friends in making student success our mutual goal.

Friends of School of the Arts

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Read our latest 'Friends to Friends' NewsletterFrom Friends to Friends Newsletter

In the March 2016 Newsletter, we salute 22 outstanding students who are our most recent inductees into the National Honor Society: Cameron Bennett, Samantha Burgos, Brian Carter, William Coykendall, Emily Rose Elliott, Katherine Fuss, Jacob Gilbert Mahoney, Griffin Harrison, Zoe Hodge, X’zaya Ivy, Frieda Jones, Adrian Lester, Aliciana LoTemple, William McDonough, James McDowell, Jasmina Rizvanovic, Alannah Scardino, Katherine Scardino, Alyssa Schulwitz, Olivia Spenard, Alyssa Steger, and Ler Tha Tau.

Click here to download the March 2016 issue.

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A Letter from Board President, Eileen Scardino

“This opportunity gives me hope that there are good people in the world that want to see kids achieve their dreams.”

– Asani M.

Dear Friends,

What do you think it would take to inspire a student to pursue her dreams? To let her know that she is valued and supported?

For Asani, a vocal major, it was the gift of an electric keyboard to use during her time at SOTA, so she can learn to play the piano and pursue her musical aspirations.

Friends of School of the Arts is honored to support students like Asani. In 2013-14 we allocated more than $20,000 to enhance the academic and artistic experiences of our students. Much of this was in small grants of $200 or less. It doesn’t take much to impact the life of one student, yet it all adds up in the end. 613 students attended a master class. We established a STEM scholarship and got the SOTA Video Club started with computer equipment and editing software.

A small gift can make a big difference. I invite you to join us: as a volunteer, as a Board member, by attending an event, or with a small donation. "Like” us on Facebook or contact us at info@friendsofsota.org. Let’s make student success our mutual goal. Sincerely,

Eileen Scardino

Eileen Scardino
President, Friends of School of the Arts

Number of Students Impacted Funded by Friends

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